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The business process outsourcing (bpo) industry in the Philippines has long been growing since the early 2000. Since the inception of the possibility of having a remote employee work for your business from across the globe, several companies from all over the world have selected the Philippines as the premier destination to outsource business services to.


Our company, Audible BPO is positioned to be able to provide contact center services to aid start-up companies, small and medium enterprises in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and anywhere around the globe. We want our clients to enjoy the cost-saving yet high efficiency and productivity services available from a workforce in the Philippines.




We are here to listen. Whether you need us to receive or make calls for you to do Customer Service, Technical Support, Telemarket, Sell, Market Research, Fund Raising, our agents are prepared to be able to speak to your customers

non-voice solutions


We are ready to respond. Customers need a personal touch, a human interaction to feel important. Our dedicated representatives are always ready to chat or email with your customers. 

back office

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We are equipped to do. Administrative tasks like data entry, encoding, order processing may become tedious. But our back office people will be ready to do the work for you.

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services start at only $650/month